triceratops rex (slint) wrote in sjhs_drama,
triceratops rex

a call to arms

first and certainly foremost, hearty congratulations to all cast, crew, and orchestra members for west side story (including me, ahahaha). the show turned out great, and you should all be very proud, no matter how insignificant you feel your role was. also, thanks to everyone who came to see the show; the turnout was amazing. yessir, contrary to popular belief, the arts are alive and well in manassas.

okay, down to business: i hear tell that gabalski plans to schedule a full-length play next fall in addition to a musical in the spring. i am 100% against this for the following reasons (and note that "gabalski is a dick" is not among them):

1) no matter what he says, such a thing would totally usurp the one acts. no one wants to spend 10 months out of the school year involved in theatrical productions, especially not us ib students. the one acts are important, and fun. cappies is not the only organization that awards prizes for theater; the virginia high school league does, too. let's not forget that. and though it did not do so this year, the one act festival provides a forum for student playwrights, who have proven to be rousingly successful in the past. i know my opinon won't count for much longer, but i still want stonewall drama to be vindicated in vhsl competition, after we had our district trophy snatched away from us two years ago.

2) two full-length productions would render drama club obsolete. when would the club meet? what would it do? would it simply be assimilated into the "musical theater department"? i am not at all in favor of that. drama club has arranged (and is arranging, hopefully) various fun/educational/cas hour field trips, initiatives funded by club fundraisers. in addition, drama club has facilitated fun, low-key activities such as the its induction and "showtime at the apollo festivities," which i, for one, thought were awesome. you guys have a choice about whether drama club continues healthily or sputters out to an anticlimactic death, but the latter possibility makes me shudder, because a lot of work has gone into keeping this club afloat, most of it unrewarded (just look at the turnout for the one act). for those who have devoted time to this organization, its dissolution because of apathy and a trivial power struggle would be a slap in the face. and hey, on the self-interest front, think about college applications! 5 formal leadership positions will be opening up this year...there is not (and hopefully never will be) a president of the order of gabalski.

okay, that's all i have to say. it's all pretty much up to you underclassmen now. keep in mind that there cannot be a full-length fall production without your support, because as we know, chorus kids, by and large, cannot act. at any rate, i think we ought to have a drama meeting in the very near future to discuss this issue, as well as these fabled trips to staunton and nebraska we keep hearing about (and how to raise the money to make them happen).
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