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yay for organization

applause for a job well done on today's stations everyone who ran one. makeup--you guys looked like you were doing some awesome stuff. costumes--i dunno what you guys were doing but hey i'm sure it was great. and thanks mo for being so improv. savvy. note on the improv.--we definitely have some strong improvers and some weak ones...but everyone who got up to participate improved in some way. :) yay, we should all feel accomplished.

next meeting: audition workshop...for those planning to audition for the musical or one-acts (mostly one-acts since the musical auditions are crap). i think as examples we should all have prepared monologues ready to perform so we can critique each other, point out mistakes, etc etc. spread the word to everyone who plans on attending--they need to have a working monologue with them!!! in their head as well as on paper. those who don't necessarily have them memorized can work individually with some of us on interpretation, character etc. while those who have them memorized can get up and perform them. we'll be examples.
thanks guys :)

la presidente
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