Frank Sloth (lyreoforpheus) wrote in sjhs_drama,
Frank Sloth

Oh the choices...

These are a couple of the one-acts I'm thinking about. PLEASE offer commentary!

3M 4W
Jenny and David are seventeen years old and in love for the first time. David has planned the perfect night-the Senior Prom-for his and Jenny's first sexual experience. Will it be the perfect night for Jenny? Is she even ready for sex? Are David's feelings strong enough to wait for her if Jenny says no? This one-act play examines the conflicting emotions of both male and female teens in love and their struggles to make decisions that will affect their futures. The play employs flashbacks in which actors perform poignant monologues to relate past events and to describe the feelings that accompany the complex issue of teen sex. With an even-handed approach that is neither religious nor preachy, this play is an ideal tool to initiate a frank discussion on this critically important yet sensitive topic.
approx. time: 35 mins

3M 3W (flexible combination of 6)
This is a real "Hitchcock" type suspense drama. From the opening curtain to the crushing climax, the tension grows in this eerie story about a group of blind residents of a private hospital. The patients cling to the belief that their sight will be restored and have unshakable faith in their "doctor." Even when faced with the truth, they are unable to accept the fact that their only cure lies in the certain death that is, one by one, claiming them all. The play can be produced with almost any combination of actors and actresses.

approx. time: 30 mins

4M 4W
The newspaper staffers ponder the question of differences as the group wrestles to get out the latest edition of the school paper. Comic banter and creative brainstorming contrasts with a more serious concern about fitting in. Suddenly, a student-nervous, hyper, ready to self-destruct-stumbles into the room. They pay him little attention. He returns minutes later, panic-stricken, and reveals his story. Drugs, gang membership, blood initiations. "Look, they're gonna be coming. You gotta help me!" After a rival gang member crashes the meeting in pursuit of his enemy, the student turns on his fellow students in a desperate, drug-induced fit. Each character in this drama is well-defined, giving the cast an excellent opportunity to display their individual acting skills. An award-winning contest piece and simple to stage, this show invites the audience to explore individual differences.

3M 4W
Recently deceased, Oscar Robinson finds himself in a most unusual waiting room. His fate "for eternity" is to be decided. He isn't worried. He's always led an exemplary life but he'd always thought "in terms of angels with gig wings and harps and that sort of thing." Thus begins a series of encounters with the others in the room One after another, the visitors trap Oscar in his web of self deceit, denying his self-proclaimed virtue and driving him from the room in hysteria.

I'll put up some more later.
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