Redheaded biznitch (orange_girl) wrote in sjhs_drama,
Redheaded biznitch

fun times

ok everyone, hopefully you all got the ITS invitations (?) if you didn't, you need to see dunn. follow the directions on them....i dunno why it says dues are $21 though....hmmm. officers, i think we need to be at the school that saturday at 5.00 to help decorate/set up, etc.

auditions for one-act on nov 5 (wednesday)--callbacks nov 6 (callbacks apparently will be basically the people who she will officially cast). so yay for that. i'm really excited to compete again....i really wanna win and prove bitches like OP and TJ drama that we are better. so HA!

there is going to be a meeting....i think on thursday despite callbacks for everyone performing at ITS induction to plan/rehearse their stuff. not sure though.

so that's the update as of now.

la presidente
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